The Joy of Interesting Goals and Dreams {Whole Together Family}

So why are we bothering to rethink schedules and routines? Why embrace all this hassle and struggle to go against the grain and do something different for our families? Why not just assume it works well enough and deal with the consequences? The short answer: it makes room for your goals and dreams. This is … Continue reading The Joy of Interesting Goals and Dreams {Whole Together Family}

New Enough {The Kind Side}

Don't let the fact that it's not New Year's (or the 1st of the month or monday or your birthday, for that matter!) stop you from starting. You can begin to change your life any day you like. Any day can be your new enough day for a new enough year. Jump in with your … Continue reading New Enough {The Kind Side}

Helter-Skelter Goal Maker {Five Minute Friday}

I'm a helter-skelter goal-maker. If you are trying something interesting and a goal worth making you can bet I will want to jump right in with you. I make goals about everything. Especially the small action things that add up to more: books that become libraries, miles that become marathons, hikes that become a lifestyle. … Continue reading Helter-Skelter Goal Maker {Five Minute Friday}