Curiosity {Cara Meredith for #wholemama}

By Cara Meredith ----- I remember hearing the phrase, “Curiosity killed the cat” more than once as a young child – enough to know that if my curiosity got the better of me, if I let it run rampant and take control of the house, the results might not be pretty. But whose idea was … Continue reading Curiosity {Cara Meredith for #wholemama}

Kind {Krina Ulmer for #wholemama}

By Krina Ulmer ----- Kind Kind is complicated. Kind is a command. Kind is an action. Kind is a fruit. Be kind – so familiar it rolls off the tongue and out of mind. I inundate my children with – Was that kind?  Are you being kind? Remember to be kind. Pondering this word I … Continue reading Kind {Krina Ulmer for #wholemama}

I Wish He Was A Little More. . . . {Shawna Scafe for #wholemama}

By Shawna Scafe ----- I’ve read that we start parenting our children before they are yet born. We give them little nicknames - usually based around produce type and fetal size. We joke about them kicking us like soccer players and essentially put into life little ideas we have of their soon-to-be revealed persona. Then … Continue reading I Wish He Was A Little More. . . . {Shawna Scafe for #wholemama}