On Being Gentle {Heather Caliri for #wholemama}

(Heather speaks a language and knows a way that sings softly alongside my own inner experience - echoing grace, freedom, and calm into the worn and tired places. I am so happy to be able to share her words with you all today! Enjoy and be blessed!) By Heather Caliri ----- When my oldest daughter was a … Continue reading On Being Gentle {Heather Caliri for #wholemama}

Bitter Brewing {Chara Donahue for #wholemama}

by Chara Donahue ----- "Would you like some coffee with that creamer?" My husband asks with a teasing tone I have come to love. I have always had a sweet tooth, and all my coffee creamer choices confirm that reality. Coffee had always been too bitter for me, and I never saw the need for … Continue reading Bitter Brewing {Chara Donahue for #wholemama}

Curiosity {Cara Meredith for #wholemama}

By Cara Meredith ----- I remember hearing the phrase, “Curiosity killed the cat” more than once as a young child – enough to know that if my curiosity got the better of me, if I let it run rampant and take control of the house, the results might not be pretty. But whose idea was … Continue reading Curiosity {Cara Meredith for #wholemama}