Thirteen – together and alone {Five Minute Friday}

There's something about 13.1 that feels doable. The distance is set and measured. The starting line is here. The finish is there. Each step takes me a measurable distance closer to the finish line that is as close as possible to exactly 13.1 miles away. It's a race. Mostly it's just against myself since I'm … Continue reading Thirteen – together and alone {Five Minute Friday}

Run more!

Running has been going alright. I have more days than I'd like where O just don't want to, but usually if I make myself go I'm glad I did. And if I don't fall into a groove within ten or twenty minutes or my legs are just dead, I let myself take it easy and … Continue reading Run more!

Long Runs with Munchkins

Since I'm training for my half marathon I've been thinking about how I can get my long runs in during the week. I tend not to run long on the weekend since so far my babies will tolerate running with me. At some point I'll run without them. Probably when we'd be out for longer … Continue reading Long Runs with Munchkins


While we were at the coast, our family rented a house that was really close to a portion of the Oregon Coast Trail. It was so fun to be able to run from the house and be in the woods with an ocean view in less than 10 minutes. I only ran twice while we … Continue reading RunRunRun!

Modifying Plans

Often things happen that are a little bit out of our control and mess up our plans. But you just have to keep moving forward. We can choose the next thing to do, but really have limited say in it actually working out. I planned to run a half marathon on May 18th. But it … Continue reading Modifying Plans

The Half-Marathon Plan: Daniels’ Running Formula

My newest goal of running a half marathon will take a little while to achieve. I would like to do one in June or July of next year. That gives me 7-8 months to train myself to that point of fitness. When I mentioned to israel that I wanted to run a half marathon next, … Continue reading The Half-Marathon Plan: Daniels’ Running Formula