Breath {#wholemama and 6/31}

A few nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night with an aching headache. I tried to sleep, but the pulsing ache wouldn't let me and I realized both my hands were tingling suspiciously. I began to worry about what could possibly be wrong with me. I knew there were things to watch … Continue reading Breath {#wholemama and 6/31}

Statistics with the Tears – The Mother & Child Project {book review}

  The Mother & Child Project is a collection of essays intended to raise awareness about how we can improve women's health globally simply by providing education about family planning and basic health, access to effective birth control methods, and advocating for educating girls.  Here are some quotes to give you an idea of the book:  … Continue reading Statistics with the Tears – The Mother & Child Project {book review}

[Im]Practical Adjustments

"In our demand that we be practical, we have nudged the Spirit aside and gone after objectives we can reach without Him. We’ve learned to empathize, listen well, and affirm without judging, to free people to be themselves as they define who they are and what they want. Holiness has been bumped out of the … Continue reading [Im]Practical Adjustments