The listlessness of it all.

This place has been in dire need of some random lists. This one is super random in that I haven't premeditated what I want to say in it. That should make up for the lack of lists in the last few weeks right? Haha. Anyways. Here you go. If you are ever uninspired to write … Continue reading The listlessness of it all.


I ran today! I went around the block (which as it turns out is exactly a mile). I walked for 6 minutes, ran for 6 minutes and then walked for 3 more minutes. I ran just a little more than half a mile. I am slooow. But oh it felt good! :) I felt my … Continue reading Running!!!

April Goals

The beginning of the month seems like a good time to set some new and necessary goals. These goals will let me get back my normal activity level more quickly, be more healthy and juggle the life of mom, wife and student more effectively. Here's what I have: Take a nap everyday even if I … Continue reading April Goals

Quotes and Links – March

Quotes: I can't help but think of this in the context of our anniversary and our first year of life together... "You crown the year with Your goodness, And Your paths drip with abundance." -Psalm 65:11 Tell yourself how it is and run, do, rest, beat the school or whatever you must do... "Now if … Continue reading Quotes and Links – March

Quotes and Links – February

The parent’s part is to train them for life, to send them out of the home ready for whatever duty or mission God may have ready for them….What we want to do with our children is not merely to control them and keep them in order, but to implant true principles deep in their hearts … Continue reading Quotes and Links – February


In my attempts to stay active in college and thanks to my own natural active tendencies, I have almost completely avoided the use of elevators in my college career.  I'd take the elevator if I needed to go to a floor above the 4th, but hardly ever at any other time. And in a city … Continue reading Elevator