In our hearts, Lord, in this nation Awakening Holy Spirit, we desire Awakening How does one stay awake? In this world of hyper aware distraction it seems we are always awake. we are always awake to the input of acquaintances, the urging of peers, the pressure of living up to everyone else's ideals and the … Continue reading Awakening.

Five Minute Friday – Focus

In the world of photography you have two different ways to focus. You can use the auto focus button and let the camera choose what to focus on. Be it that leaf in the foreground you'd rather not see or a foot behind your subjects head emphasizing your cluttery background. This method may be fine … Continue reading Five Minute Friday – Focus


The bright blue sky that fills my mind is something of a masterpiece. The voice to describe that bright blue masterpiece leaves little to the imagination. It is art. It is me. Catch the sky and tell the world how bright it really is. Feel the blue. Taste the warmth. It's where we're most alive. … Continue reading Blue