10 Blog Favorites from 2015

I like to look over what I've written every now and then. Just review, see where my writing is going, what I liked best, what other people liked best, and how I can keep writing what speaks. And the beginning of the year is such a logical time for it. Stats Only posts written this … Continue reading 10 Blog Favorites from 2015

What I learned in June {a link-up}

Emily, from Chatting at the Sky, is hosting a link-up for the things we learned in June. And because link-ups are fun...here's mine! :) we'd love to have you join us! After two years of marriage, I finally learned my husband is not a morning person o.O I miss lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons in … Continue reading What I learned in June {a link-up}

The Garbage Disposal of Time…and a month of habit-breaking.

Have you noticed yourself going flipping rapidly between doing projects, perusing your choice of social media, reading blogs, and halfheartedly paying attention to your family all the while feeling like you're getting nothing done and your brain is melting? That has been me recently. When I was younger I could sit and read a book … Continue reading The Garbage Disposal of Time…and a month of habit-breaking.


In our hearts, Lord, in this nation Awakening Holy Spirit, we desire Awakening How does one stay awake? In this world of hyper aware distraction it seems we are always awake. we are always awake to the input of acquaintances, the urging of peers, the pressure of living up to everyone else's ideals and the … Continue reading Awakening.

Five Minute Friday – Focus

In the world of photography you have two different ways to focus. You can use the auto focus button and let the camera choose what to focus on. Be it that leaf in the foreground you'd rather not see or a foot behind your subjects head emphasizing your cluttery background. This method may be fine … Continue reading Five Minute Friday – Focus

My life being saved, the little things

Today I'm linking up with Sarah Bessey answering the question: what is saving your life right now. Feel free to join and share your moment of life saved with us all as well :) ------------ Today. Right now. I've got to say it's the little things that fill me over and help peace seep through … Continue reading My life being saved, the little things

Five Minute Friday – Enough

On not Friday :) yes, yes, happy sunday. Linking up with the Gypsy Mama for the 5 minutes of unedited writing on the word enough. ----- Enough enough. How do you know when you're doing enough? As a wife and mother the list seems never ending. We work and work for clean space, positive moments, … Continue reading Five Minute Friday – Enough


Sitting outside in the dry dry heat of my native desertland has always been a favorite activity of mine. Somehow baking my skin for 20 minutes revives my icicle fingers from their air conditioned life of luxury and fills this western girl with peace and warmth. Just as good as sitting in front of a … Continue reading Hot