The Normal Christian Life {Ch #10 and #11}

We're rapidly nearing the end of our study through Or The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee. My Bible study has just one chapter left and then we'll be breaking for the holidays so I am hurrying to finish up these chapter summaries/outlines/reflections. Whatever they are. Mostly I just write these so that the things … Continue reading The Normal Christian Life {Ch #10 and #11}

Brother Lawrence {4/31 Niches}

Brother Lawrence (France, 1614-1691) That practice which is alike most holy, the most general, and the most needful in the spiritual life is the practice of the Presence of God. It is the schooling of the soul to find its joy in His Divine Companionship. - Brother Lawrence, The Practice of the Presence of God … Continue reading Brother Lawrence {4/31 Niches}

The Normal Christian Life {Ch #8}

Chapter 8: The Holy Spirit Two of my favorite things about this chapter were how Nee emphasized that We don't all have the same experience of the Holy Spirit: "We cannot and must not stipulate what particular form such outward expressions will take in every given case, but one thing is sure, that each one … Continue reading The Normal Christian Life {Ch #8}