Card Me! – getting crafty with old greeting cards

Have you ever wondered what to do with all those old cards? I have. Somehow I've always managed to get attached to all those little bits of paper filled with signatures, best wishes and cute illustrations. I just can't bring myself to part with them! This happened to me in January when Ranger's baby shower … Continue reading Card Me! – getting crafty with old greeting cards

The to-dos and the dones

I'm guessing that most expectant moms go through a stage of doing things, tons of things, in preparation for their little ones. I've heard it called nesting. Mine consists of organizing spaces, decorating walls, taking pictures of what I need to do and have done, and doing things I may or may not have time … Continue reading The to-dos and the dones

A face lift

A face lift for my kitchen walls resulted in a heart lift for my days. I want to decorate more walls in our little house to make them feel a little homier and less temporary. Here is my kitchen with newly embellished walls and quiet clean counters for restful enjoyment. I especially love the positive … Continue reading A face lift