Stuck-at-Home with Kids – What’s Working {Whole}listical (5.1.20)

There's a big difference between choosing to be home and getting stuck there more than you'd like. Here are a few things I've been turning to when we need a distraction, some direction, more room, or just a little bit of fun. On any given day there are many things that just don't work. Here … Continue reading Stuck-at-Home with Kids – What’s Working {Whole}listical (5.1.20)

Refugees aren’t Safe. Neither is Jesus. {Ashley Hales for #wholemama: Home}

  By Ashley Hales “Welcome home, gather round all ye refugees, come in. Oh refugee, I did not cast you out In death and broken ground, Salvation springs My body and my blood, the healing that you need Come and receive” Sandra McCracken, “All Ye Refugees” // I’m sitting quite comfortably in this warm home … Continue reading Refugees aren’t Safe. Neither is Jesus. {Ashley Hales for #wholemama: Home}

What I’m Into | June 2015

Pictures I've been attempting to take a few more pictures lately. Keeping the camera in 'go' mode on top of the piano in the living room seems to work well. That and joining in with the #itssimplytuesday crowd on instagram have been keep my kids in my visions and eyes directed a little more tworads … Continue reading What I’m Into | June 2015

 Just a Monday & Home A Lot {a day in the life}

7:45AM - thumping in the living area announces the presence of someone. I go out to investigate. Israel has just come in from the yard, where he was sleeping in the tent last night, (because that is what outdoors adventurers do when grounded by work and toddlers too much) and is making coffee and cereal. … Continue reading  Just a Monday & Home A Lot {a day in the life}

Words. and Grace. And Jesus.

So today I rearranged the living room. It's all switched around and now it seems like it flows better with the rest of the house. And I feel like I have more decorating leeway and power. A better base to make pretty. We also squeezed in a trip to the park with friends. And I … Continue reading Words. and Grace. And Jesus.

The Doing and Not-Doing {an honest update on all those idealistic lists I write}

In recent months I've been posting idealistic lists of things I'd like to improve in my life. I realized that I post the lsits and never really mention my follow through and how that worked out...soo, lest you think I somehow am superwoman and do everything perfectly, now's the time for a little show and … Continue reading The Doing and Not-Doing {an honest update on all those idealistic lists I write}

Various Ideas and Sentences

I've been journaling more and blogging less since some of the things I'm thinking about need more finesse hashing than the 25 minute nap-time blog post allows. Someday you'll get to see my thoughts in more fullness and clarity, but right now the words are percolating at their own pace. I can't seem to do … Continue reading Various Ideas and Sentences

The Habit of Being Home {life intentionally}

All too often I get distracted with my writing for the sake of writing (hello, short lived fame of being freshly pressed!) instead of writing out of a place of fullness and reflection in my life. My writing gets stale and my babies get cranky. So this month I'm going to be getting into my … Continue reading The Habit of Being Home {life intentionally}