Generosity {#wholemama}

    I have a hard time with generosity. Not because I'm especially stingy. I just want everyone to be happy and to have enough. It's so easy to feel guilted into giving and I have a hard time sayng no. Whether it's my toddler's pouty face or a dingy markered cardboard sign held in weathered … Continue reading Generosity {#wholemama}

Francesca Battistelli {28/31 Niches}

Somehow Francesca Battistelli has stayed relevant to me since I started college. I guess it's because we're having similar life experiences. So it's fun and relatable to listen to her music. I've loved all her albums. My Paper Heart was probably my theme music (ok, it was) for my first couple years at BSU. I … Continue reading Francesca Battistelli {28/31 Niches}