Birthing Hope by Rachel Marie Stone {book review}

Birthing Hope: Giving Fear to the Light by Rachel Marie Stone "God as a warrior doesn't do much for me, but I cherish the image of God as a laboring woman. The book of Isaiah joins the two images closely enough that I can imagine they share more in common than I might have suspected: … Continue reading Birthing Hope by Rachel Marie Stone {book review}

Success {Five Minute Friday}

Is there any such thing as success? Is it about how big we get, how rich we get, or if we do what we set out to do? Will we ever arrive? I don't think so. Maybe if we're talking about money we might classify someone as a success or being successful. But not so … Continue reading Success {Five Minute Friday}

Loyal {Five Minute Friday}

Part of living life creatively means jumping in with two feet and being loyal to your vision of what is possible. It is easy to get discouraged with your progress or lack, with your ability to forge ahead or tendency to pause longer than you'd like, or anything else where your confidence gets a nudge … Continue reading Loyal {Five Minute Friday}