Words. and Grace. And Jesus.

So today I rearranged the living room. It's all switched around and now it seems like it flows better with the rest of the house. And I feel like I have more decorating leeway and power. A better base to make pretty. We also squeezed in a trip to the park with friends. And I … Continue reading Words. and Grace. And Jesus.

House Tour: Entry, Living, Dining.

A week or ago my newly acquired expanse of wood floors inspired me to take the plunge and buy a mop. 15 whole dollars. Yes. i know. I was just tired of attempting a hands and knees cleaning and only getting 1/3 of the way through before getting tired. Okok. This happened once. And yes....it … Continue reading House Tour: Entry, Living, Dining.

House Tour: Master Bedroom

I finally got our bedroom pulled back together. It took a couple hours of folding laundry, matching socks and digging, but eventually the piles of clothing were beaten into submission. I love our room in the evening. The window faces west for lovely evening light. We can see into two neighbors yards since our room … Continue reading House Tour: Master Bedroom

House Tour: Ranger’s Room

Ranger's room was the first to gain any semblance of being put together. His room is in the back left corner of the house. It is bright and cheerful and you can't hear the doorbell when the door is shut and the fan is on. It's perfect. Here are a few pictures of it when … Continue reading House Tour: Ranger’s Room