Decorating Reflections

At this point in my life, decorating my house is not something that comes naturally to me. All of it involves time, and paint, and trips to the store, and getting up the nerve to put a thumbtack hole in the wall. And try to throw into the mix two little ones who definitely enjoy … Continue reading Decorating Reflections

Life is busy!

Hello again, It's been a while and a lot has happened here these last two weeks. We've celebrated Ranger's first birthday (you'll get an update as soon as I can steal pictures from my husband), gotten house details sorted out and taken care of, had an ultrasound, israel worked and worked as usual, and tonight … Continue reading Life is busy!

A house and other random details. :)

My guys are resting adorably on the couch. We thought the babe was up from his nap, but he fell back to sleep snuggling with his daddy so they both get a snooze! It's like when Ranger was little! We have been busy as bees recently. Wednesday, our realtor, my uncle, sent us information on … Continue reading A house and other random details. :)