True About You {Whole Together Family 5/31}

Just a list of things I need myself to know, and things I want my people to know. You might recognize this from when I posted it on Instagram a couple months ago. I hope this blesses you as you think about the value and wholeness in your own identity. <3 --- - “You is … Continue reading True About You {Whole Together Family 5/31}

Showing Up (Day 5)

This is the day where the struggle went down. I almost want to quit already. But it's only day 5 and I can't let myself because this is something I want.  I want to write.  It's important to me. It'd be easier to say it doesn't matter and let it go by the wayside of … Continue reading Showing Up (Day 5)

Making It Home by Emily T. Weirenga {book review}

"What if home is more about who you are than what you do? Formerly subversive Emily T. Weirenga takes you on an unconventional journey through marriage, miscarriage, foster parenting, and the daily struggle of longing to be known. In this soul-stirring quest for identity in the midst of life's daily interruptions, she shows us that … Continue reading Making It Home by Emily T. Weirenga {book review}