Because I accidentally chose – #oneword365

Honestly I hate falling into groups of what 'everyone else is doing'. If I was picking a word before it was popular I would have no hesitation this year. But I haven't and it is really very popular among these blogger people to pick a word and despite my inhibitions about joining in with popular … Continue reading Because I accidentally chose – #oneword365

Settle in for the Long Haul {#wholemama}

It used to be that settling was a bad thing. Settle for second best, settle for a B on a test, settle for the right area to live in. It was an acquiescing of my desires to possibility, ability, or chance. Last time I "settled" I settled for leaning into writing instead of going to … Continue reading Settle in for the Long Haul {#wholemama}

Space to be Whole {#wholemama}

Space to be whole.  I've been wondering lately if I've been leaving myself enough space to be whole. I work to fill each moment of my day with something useful or productive in an attempt to be whole. Reading, cleaning, cooking, shopping, writing, herding my kids. And then the social media habit. Those are probably … Continue reading Space to be Whole {#wholemama}