Randomness {cookies, earlier mornings, and winning}

That day: - you make cookies with your two year old, but then accidentally on purpose end up eating cookies for dinner (you, not the child!). - you get an email saying a post of yours will be Freshly Pressed sometime in the next week, but you force yourself to keep blogging as usual anyway. … Continue reading Randomness {cookies, earlier mornings, and winning}

Notes on Home, Food, and Grace

Everything in the house is sleeping (although I daresay the ants who are invading in honor of spring are still relatively scampering about - take note, dear ants, I will be the winner of this battle!) and now is the time to take advantage of the peace and do something. -------- We are finally all … Continue reading Notes on Home, Food, and Grace

Day 11: stricter solutions, more goals…

Somehow even with my limit I am finding that my first step as I pause in quiet moments is the internet. I check the 5 blogs with interesting 31 days series I've allowed myself once a day each. I check my blog for comments and traffic. I check my email. I check the weather. And … Continue reading Day 11: stricter solutions, more goals…

Day 5: facebook, the quiet life, and whatever is lovely.

(This is a part of 31 days to Focus and Refresh a blog series my mom, sister and I are hosting as we spend 31 minutes a day improving our hearts, homes, and habits in the month of October.We would love your company!) Today the pattern of my day could be displayed in a collage … Continue reading Day 5: facebook, the quiet life, and whatever is lovely.

The Garbage Disposal of Time…and a month of habit-breaking.

Have you noticed yourself going flipping rapidly between doing projects, perusing your choice of social media, reading blogs, and halfheartedly paying attention to your family all the while feeling like you're getting nothing done and your brain is melting? That has been me recently. When I was younger I could sit and read a book … Continue reading The Garbage Disposal of Time…and a month of habit-breaking.

Today Part 3, 10:12AM-5:10PM, 8/7/12

10:12AM-11-22AM: drive to run, run 2 miles, drive home. 11:22 AM: realize my shins hurt, find some frozen peas, sit down to nurse the lad, check facebook, blogs, email, etc, respons to comment love (yay!!) ice my shins,  and sit while the babe sleeps. 12:10PM: realize I'm hungry and really want to shower. Attempt to … Continue reading Today Part 3, 10:12AM-5:10PM, 8/7/12

What he needs right now.

So much of our life as adults can be so easily spent contemplating the past, planning the future, and living in our own bubble of opinion, thought, and wonder. The internet makes these things so much easier to do. We can research, plan, Pin, blog, and interact with others all through the means of our … Continue reading What he needs right now.