Find and Choose Joy :: soul calm {24/31 and FMF}

You've probably heard the phrase, "love is choice." Because it is. It's a feeling, yes, but there is also the moment of choosing to be loving or to be love when our feelings don't line up with our own ideals or dreams. I think joy is the same. Sometimes we feel joy. just like we … Continue reading Find and Choose Joy :: soul calm {24/31 and FMF}

29: you

So I've started and stopped writing this post about four times in the last five minutes. That is a lot of backspacing, people. I'm not letting myself restart again. I have to write it, even if it's hard. Because the truth is I've been struggling with this recently. I've been struggling with me. How to … Continue reading 29: you

27: Books for the Journey: Motherhood

(My little muppets!) I have another lovely list of wonderful books today! You can see all of the posts in my Books for the Journey series here! :) So far I've done books for recovering perfectionists, fiction, travel/culture/world,pregnancy/birth/babies, parenting, and faith. Anyway! On with today! These books are just super encouraging books for moms. They … Continue reading 27: Books for the Journey: Motherhood

9: keep the relationship positive.

"As parents learn to balance their own emotions without swinging between feelings of guilt and anger toward their child they are better able to give their child both nurture and structure. Being kind and empathic toward yourself can help you not get overly involved in your own emotional reactions to your child." - Parenting From … Continue reading 9: keep the relationship positive.

It was the last day with just my boy

We played outside on the 7th. Little did we know it w the last day with just us. Good thing we took some pictures! It was such a beautiful day! ----- I tried to get a picture with us and the bump. ----- Such a charmer :)

Addendum to the Memorandum

In an effort to update Ranger's list of nicknames I pulled together last November, here are some of the more recent additions: Muppet Munchkin Dumpkin Munch Bumpy Moose Goose Mooser Gooser Dude Moewsty (pronounced mewsty) Moosey Moosetygoose Tromple doo Moosetymoo Monkey Monkeybread ------ A lot of the old ones have been put into retirement, but … Continue reading Addendum to the Memorandum

Monday Mayhem {another senseless list of randomness}

It's not too often you can just sit down and say "I had a really good day". Today was one of those good days. So nice. I think having a nice day yesterday with my wonderful husband helped. He didn't work at all and it was lovely! I didn't want to go to bed because … Continue reading Monday Mayhem {another senseless list of randomness}

Day 13: Epic finds!

Today Arianna was in charge of the schedule as our husbands were off being wedding photographers on a Saturday morning. We left soon after they did cramming 3 kiddos in the back of the car. Our first stop was basically a huge yardsale (if anyone's in Birmingham it's called Kid's Market). It is twice a … Continue reading Day 13: Epic finds!