Find and Choose Joy :: soul calm {24/31 and FMF}

You've probably heard the phrase, "love is choice." Because it is. It's a feeling, yes, but there is also the moment of choosing to be loving or to be love when our feelings don't line up with our own ideals or dreams. I think joy is the same. Sometimes we feel joy. just like we … Continue reading Find and Choose Joy :: soul calm {24/31 and FMF}

29: you

So I've started and stopped writing this post about four times in the last five minutes. That is a lot of backspacing, people. I'm not letting myself restart again. I have to write it, even if it's hard. Because the truth is I've been struggling with this recently. I've been struggling with me. How to … Continue reading 29: you

27: Books for the Journey: Motherhood

(My little muppets!) I have another lovely list of wonderful books today! You can see all of the posts in my Books for the Journey series here! :) So far I've done books for recovering perfectionists, fiction, travel/culture/world,pregnancy/birth/babies, parenting, and faith. Anyway! On with today! These books are just super encouraging books for moms. They … Continue reading 27: Books for the Journey: Motherhood