Beyond Colorblind by Sarah Shin {Review}

"We need something beyond colorblindness, something that both values beauty in our cultures and also addresses real problems that still exist in our society decades after the civil rights movement." Sarah Shin - Beyond Colorblind, page 6. Beyond Colorblind: Redeeming Our Ethnic Journey by Sarah Shin should be required reading for anyone who loves Jesus, … Continue reading Beyond Colorblind by Sarah Shin {Review}

Christine Caine {9/31 Niches}

Christine Caine makes me uncomfortable. And I am sure she makes other people uncomfortable as well. She is passionate. And forthright. And honest. And totally given over to the task at hand. Especially to her task. She's ready to win justice for the world through Jesus and her niche is her passion for rescuing girls … Continue reading Christine Caine {9/31 Niches}