Blogging is Not My Job

Blogging is not my job. Somehow in the month of October I forget that a little bit. 31 days is fun and a worthwhile activity, but it's hard to keep it in perspective. At the end of the month I get caught up in the high of having completed something. It's great. It's good. I'll … Continue reading Blogging is Not My Job

11: connect with your words.

When enforcing a rule or a boundary it is easy to get stuck in angry mama mode and only tell him what he can't do or what he's doing wrong. It is important that I not limit my words to the negative. Especially since I'm not generally overly talkative with my kidlets it's important that … Continue reading 11: connect with your words.

8: remember love

Sometimes it is so difficult to act out of love instead of frustration. It's easy to see how he shouldn't do something but it is harder to think about the more important lessons hidden in what I need to be teaching him. It's not just about him not standing on the coffee table because he … Continue reading 8: remember love