Create just to create {Notes from the Kind Side}

Your creativity or pursuit of a craft is not a waste of time. You can create something just for the fun of it. You don't have to have anything to show for it, except the joy of having made the thing you dreamed up. Sometimes it's hard to feel justified in doing something if you … Continue reading Create just to create {Notes from the Kind Side}

You’re not too late {the kind side}

You're late. It's ok. You can still start. You can still participate. You can still proceed. It's no big deal. Other people started before you, don't let that keep you from jumping in. You are not too late. This thing you are starting IS for people like you who forget and also have lives outside … Continue reading You’re not too late {the kind side}

Kind {Krina Ulmer for #wholemama}

By Krina Ulmer ----- Kind Kind is complicated. Kind is a command. Kind is an action. Kind is a fruit. Be kind – so familiar it rolls off the tongue and out of mind. I inundate my children with – Was that kind?  Are you being kind? Remember to be kind. Pondering this word I … Continue reading Kind {Krina Ulmer for #wholemama}