Big things in our future.

So the little man is making some major progress in his journey on becoming a human. I know I know. He has human status, but up til now he's been an eating, noisy, floppy little monster of affection. :) don't get me wrong that is quite lovely too. But now. We are going to have … Continue reading Big things in our future.

What he needs right now.

So much of our life as adults can be so easily spent contemplating the past, planning the future, and living in our own bubble of opinion, thought, and wonder. The internet makes these things so much easier to do. We can research, plan, Pin, blog, and interact with others all through the means of our … Continue reading What he needs right now.


The bright blue sky that fills my mind is something of a masterpiece. The voice to describe that bright blue masterpiece leaves little to the imagination. It is art. It is me. Catch the sky and tell the world how bright it really is. Feel the blue. Taste the warmth. It's where we're most alive. … Continue reading Blue