29 Things Worth Learning.

I've been wanting to write this list since before my birthday. It's not complete; it's not perfect; it's not in any particular order. But here are 29 things I'm learning, have learned, or just come to know over the last decade or less of my life. I have a hard time making room for reflection … Continue reading 29 Things Worth Learning.

What I’m Into | April 2015

This month was extremely full and filled me up as well. I feel like I can finally step into myself as who I am, instead of who I'm not quite living up to being, and probablye not even meant to be. And that is good.  I went to the Faith and Culture Writers Conference in … Continue reading What I’m Into | April 2015

Puzzles, a Car, and Responsibility. 

For his birthday, we gave Ranger a set of two puzzles -one 12 piece and one 24, both the same size - and a hotwheels car. Because toys build up distressingly quickly at this age and it is nice to keep things smaller. Mainly the messes. But in addition to his other presents we gave him … Continue reading Puzzles, a Car, and Responsibility.