Mark Driscoll: Revisited. Because Grace. {20/31 Niches}

"You aren’t what’s been done to you but what Jesus has done for you. You aren’t what you do but what Jesus has done. What you do doesn’t determine who you are. Rather, who you are in Christ determines what you do." - Mark Driscoll, Who Do You Think You Are? Finding Your True Identity … Continue reading Mark Driscoll: Revisited. Because Grace. {20/31 Niches}

Mark Driscoll {16/31 Niches}

Notes to begin: (I want to write with grace and mercy towards the abused. We cannot be silent about their pain and the actual negative results of this man's "ministry". So this post isn't for the abused so much as the unaffected. I cannot speak well to things I have no experience with, so all … Continue reading Mark Driscoll {16/31 Niches}