What I’m Into | January 2016

My kids are ridiculously adorable and that is mainly what I've been into and that results in instagram being fun too. We have spent the month getting back into a routine after Christmas mayhem and also just creating a winter routine that doesn't make mommy crazy. I added a quiet reading time before naptime and … Continue reading What I’m Into | January 2016

Tickles and little moments :: soul calm {17/31}

Things are gradually evening out after adding a new little one to our family. Our previously youngest little girl has the biggest struggles. She is figuring out how to be a person of her own and at two has mastered a tantrum. I honestly worry about her sometimes, but building an atmosphere that helps her … Continue reading Tickles and little moments :: soul calm {17/31}

Crowd {Five Minute Friday}

Sometimes I have this desire to crowd my life all into one little moment. I want all the experiences at once and to the detriment of all end up experience not a one of them to the full. Sometimes the crowd leaves out the people who make up the crowd. Instead of seeing faces I … Continue reading Crowd {Five Minute Friday}