Just for Fun: Collections of Words from Other People

I've been loving these songs: "Joy" by Tori Harper: The chorus is my favorite part. Which is lucky because it repeats a bit. "Your joy is greater than a thousand sorrows and Your love will conquer all of my tomorrows It fills my heart, the sound of Your song." Listen on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=V_rC_qWlpjI&app=desktop Tori's other … Continue reading Just for Fun: Collections of Words from Other People

Francesca Battistelli {28/31 Niches}

Somehow Francesca Battistelli has stayed relevant to me since I started college. I guess it's because we're having similar life experiences. So it's fun and relatable to listen to her music. I've loved all her albums. My Paper Heart was probably my theme music (ok, it was) for my first couple years at BSU. I … Continue reading Francesca Battistelli {28/31 Niches}

Song {Five Minute Friday}

Five minutes to write freely today. Join us at Lisa Jo's with the word 'song'. ---------- That song comes on. The one with the beat. Your face lights up as I turn to watch. And you dance. Your head bobs up and down and side to side Dancing that wild crazy dance your mama and … Continue reading Song {Five Minute Friday}


In our hearts, Lord, in this nation Awakening Holy Spirit, we desire Awakening How does one stay awake? In this world of hyper aware distraction it seems we are always awake. we are always awake to the input of acquaintances, the urging of peers, the pressure of living up to everyone else's ideals and the … Continue reading Awakening.

spelling music

Just now I have the wish that these keys played music. Instead of typing words these abstract symbols would form notes and feelings. and these plastic coated keys would bring the same relief I've found in those coated in ivory. Strong chords spelling peace for the soul. joy for the heart. creativity for the mind. … Continue reading spelling music