To my younger self.

Linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky with a letter to myself in honor of her new book for girls called, Graceful. You can read more letters and learn more about the book here! Dear Me in 2006, Don't you wish these things actually worked? I've been wondering if I'm ever going to … Continue reading To my younger self.

Reading my way through my life

It's interesting how for some people the silent activity of reading can be so revitalizing. I am one of those people. I remember once when I was younger (somewhere between the ages of 8-11? I don't remember exactly) I was reading a book and I was so caught up in the story. My mom and … Continue reading Reading my way through my life

God has your life – why I’m ok on church vacation

God has your life in His hands all planned out. It's crazy. Each step in your life plays into His plan. That's the only reason I'm ok with not going to church right now. God's got it. And I see how He prepared me for it. When I was growing up, we went to church. … Continue reading God has your life – why I’m ok on church vacation