There is Grace :: soul calm {15/31}

There is grace at the end of ugly days too. Those days that feel brutal and rough to the fingertips or heartstrings.  Even when we feel like we've not done our best and our fails far outweigh our successes. There is grace. No matter what we think. Lately my older two just refuse to nap. … Continue reading There is Grace :: soul calm {15/31}

While the children sleep.

While the children sleep I have many things I could do...should do..would do.. might do. There is always a list. A long one. Easily made longer. But sometimes the list gets scrapped and I sit on the couch. Drink a mug of hot chocolate. Eat some more chocolate on top of that. And just enjoy … Continue reading While the children sleep.

Be Kind. And Naps.

Some days I feel like I just need this permanently etched in my skin. Love is kind. Love is kind. Love is kind. Today was one of those days. I didn't think to get my pen out and actually give myself a visual today. I should have. My patience starts to wear thin when the … Continue reading Be Kind. And Naps.