Summer Reading – Am I Doing it Wrong? {July QuickLit}

July was a weird month of reading. I listened to a couple audiobooks while ferrying the kids back and forth to VBS. Three hours of VBS is not really long enough when it takes 25 minutes to get to church. The audiobooks helped it to be more enjoyable instead of feeling like wasting alone minutes … Continue reading Summer Reading – Am I Doing it Wrong? {July QuickLit}

How to read a riveting series. {June Quicklit}

Put the whole series on hold at the library. Wait until they all show up. Read them as quickly as you can. This is what I should have done with the Charlotte Holmes series. So let me say it again: Make sure you have them all on hand. I read a lot this month, but … Continue reading How to read a riveting series. {June Quicklit}

The Library is my BFF {Quick Lit – August Books}

I breezed through a dozen books last month, with nearly no non-fiction in the middle three weeks. I needed that non-fiction break! Here's what I read in August! Everything was from the library. I think in October I really need to address my unread and owned bookshelf. It's also a little out of control. But … Continue reading The Library is my BFF {Quick Lit – August Books}

Way too many books! (July – Quick Lit)

Linking up for QuickLit hosted by Modern Mrs Darcy with the books I read in July! I'd love to hear what you thought of these if you've read them too. Enjoy! Fiction: A Place for Us by Mirza Fatima Farheen - This book is just as good as the hype. The second fifty pages were … Continue reading Way too many books! (July – Quick Lit)

Recently Read {Quick Lit}

I love Modern Mrs Darcy's invitation to share our "short and sweet reviews" of what we've been reading. I enjoy the challenge of trying to say what I liked or didn't like about a book, and a tiny peek into the story in just a couple of sentences. It is a way to keep a … Continue reading Recently Read {Quick Lit}

My Favorite Books in 2017

I've dithered for a couple weeks over how to pick the best out of the 117 books. A little insurmountable. But I went through my Goodreads and narrowed down all my 5 stars books until I was left with these. I'll spare you the gory details. Here are my top 11! My non-fiction favorites fall … Continue reading My Favorite Books in 2017

Books to Grow Your Empathy (Best of Recently)

My favorite books from the last couple months all fall into a similar sub-category. Maybe I made it up, but I feel like each of these books was a really interesting way to build understanding around big topics so that we can move forward with more nuance, grace, and empathy. Non-Fiction One: Unity in a … Continue reading Books to Grow Your Empathy (Best of Recently)

Books I can’t forget from 2016

I have one last category of books that didn't quite make my top 4, but I still really felt strongly about for one reason or another and want to share with you. So. Books I can't forget: Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell - Oh my Gosh. It led me on for a 1000 pages … Continue reading Books I can’t forget from 2016