The Enough-ness of Today :: soul calm {9/31}

"But Tuesday teaches me that part of living well in ordinary time is letting this day be good. Letting this day be filled with plenty. And if it all goes wrong and my work turns to dust? This is my kind reminder that outcomes are beyond the scope of my job description." Emily P. Freeman, … Continue reading The Enough-ness of Today :: soul calm {9/31}

a holy mosaic {#wholemama}

Birth is the place I want to deny my own motherhood. To seperate myself from the loud groaning, the uncontrollable actions of my own body, and the discussions of said body's performance that inevitably follow this life changing event.  I reach into the depth of myself and get to know the instinctual motions of childbirth, … Continue reading a holy mosaic {#wholemama}

Fighting for Ordinary {#wholemama}

The heros always fight for the ordinary. They protect the mundane. The day to day. The boring.  Heroes stories are exciting because they break up the monotony and give us hope of bursting free.  Unafraid and here.  But in the end we're all left back in the ordinary where feeling stuck is normal and fight … Continue reading Fighting for Ordinary {#wholemama}