The schedule

When I was younger I always had a schedule or plan. As a junior high and high school student, I would always figure out how to work ahead so as to finish the semester as soon as possible (one of the perks of being taught at home...). I enjoyed the challenge of doing a little … Continue reading The schedule

House Tour: Ranger’s Room

Ranger's room was the first to gain any semblance of being put together. His room is in the back left corner of the house. It is bright and cheerful and you can't hear the doorbell when the door is shut and the fan is on. It's perfect. Here are a few pictures of it when … Continue reading House Tour: Ranger’s Room

Day 20: Homier Home = Curtains!

I have ao enjoyed my neater arrangement in my entry-way. It feels good to be rid of all the empty boxes and to have a bit more freedom in our space there. I feel so much better upon walking in to my house when the first glance in is more pleasant and welcoming. Today I … Continue reading Day 20: Homier Home = Curtains!