This Outside Life by Laurie Kehler {Book Review}

Because I only have the pdf, here's a lovely image of the redwoods superimposed with the book cover! This Outside Life: Finding God in the Heart Nature by Laurie Kehler This book was full of stories of the author's bucket-list variety outdoor adventures used to introduce reflections on God and faith. This was not quite … Continue reading This Outside Life by Laurie Kehler {Book Review}

Adventure {#wholemama}

Sometimes in the middle of my everyday I find myself longing for adventure. You know the type where you fly off and only have yourself to entertain. Then, preferably, you are surrounded by a foreign language and off to explore new places and see beautiful things. That is my favorite type of adventure. However thinking … Continue reading Adventure {#wholemama}

Reviving :: soul calm {16/31 and FMF}

The immediacy of everything inside can be exhausting. Even the need to rest or get to our reading books for pleasure are hard calls to quiet for moments of calm. Everything calls out need. The laundry piles up. The floors are filled with mess faster than the kids move on to the next thing. It's … Continue reading Reviving :: soul calm {16/31 and FMF}