What I’m Into | July 2015

July seems like it sped by way too quickly. (Do I say that every month??) We did things, but then also didn't do much of anything. And yet it still flew by. Funny how that works.  Highlights:  My brother got married! And threw an epic party :)  I cut my hair just a little bit … Continue reading What I’m Into | July 2015

When Free is Short Hair // Five Minute Friday

Sometimes free is short hair.  Right now, short hair is a gift and a reminder.  It is odd because I've always gone back and forth between long and short and never felt this sort of attachment or affinity to the length of my hair.  But maybe I just wasn't cutting it short enough. Last year … Continue reading When Free is Short Hair // Five Minute Friday


17. Reached 100,000 views here. 18. Fall scented candle from my Oma. 19. Munchkins growing big and strong. 20. Pumpkin spice creamer. Ahem. 21. Midweek visits from family! 22. Raking and bagging leaves with helpers who are big enough to help me! 23. Alyssum blooming away still. 24. Winter Sunsets visible from our yard. 25. … Continue reading Sunday’s