Shake off the Shoulds! {#wholemama}

So it's summer! It's the season for swimming, hot weather, sunscreen, growing things, early morning hiking, camping, exploring, normal life, and often anything to escape the heat. We just had our first glimpse of summer weather: 90F and above. With three little kids we have to do something to get outside everyday. They for some reason … Continue reading Shake off the Shoulds! {#wholemama}

17: together

"Children don't need us to be fully available all the time, but they do our presence during connecting interactions. Being mindful as a parent means having intention in your actions. With intention, you purposefully choose your behavior with your child's emotional well-being in mind." Daniel Siegel - parenting from the inside out Today Ali decided … Continue reading 17: together

between fingers and under nails

The day came: I made playdough! It was pretty fun. Just flour, salt, water, baking soda and food coloring cooked on the stove. Ranger helped me to stir the ingredients before we heated them and decided to taste it...apparently it tastes horrible though it is harmless. He gagged and had to have some water to … Continue reading between fingers and under nails