My running freedom!

Yesterday we finally did it. We went to REI, examined the goods, made our selection, and bought it on craigslist for half the price. :) We got a lovely jogging stroller. It's name is BOB. Yes, it is screaming. Okok. The brand is BOB. I'll have to give it a proper name sometime... Points in … Continue reading My running freedom!

Baby bump postpartum – telling it like it is.

Written March 16th and for some reasion held back...Don't read this if you want to stay happily ignorant of such details. I understand. Ignorance is bliss.  (This is mostly for my records anyway) Until it happens to you. ------------------- One thing you never really realize, outside of a subconconscious "oh, of course" type of thought, … Continue reading Baby bump postpartum – telling it like it is.


I ran today! I went around the block (which as it turns out is exactly a mile). I walked for 6 minutes, ran for 6 minutes and then walked for 3 more minutes. I ran just a little more than half a mile. I am slooow. But oh it felt good! :) I felt my … Continue reading Running!!!