Steady as She Goes {The Kind Side}

It's ok to experiment and not be sure you are meant to do this one thing over that other thing. Do the work placed in front of you on this very day. Choose what you already chose before. Choose the unchangeable commitments. The people, the responsibilities, the aliveness of your life. After that it's an … Continue reading Steady as She Goes {The Kind Side}

Life in Practice {Five Minute Friday}

Is there such a thing as practice when you're all grown up or is it just jumping in with four limbs flailing seeing if it works? Because it seems like in these situations where the stakes are higher than soccer practice or piano practice or the practice SAT, we get thrown in with a good … Continue reading Life in Practice {Five Minute Friday}

Better {Five Minute Friday}

Five Minute Friday is five minutes of free writing on a specific word. Just for fun and practice and getting past the fear of not posting something long or perfect. Here's mine for today on the word 'better'. If I want to become a better writer this year what does that even mean? More creative? … Continue reading Better {Five Minute Friday}

Practice makes… {#wholemama}

  Perfect.  Practice makes perfect.  I hear that phrase and I want to rise to the occasion and practice myself to the end. So I can be perfect. Or perfect.ish. At least.  It used to be "perfect" was an attainable thing in at least some ways. Perfect attendence. Perfect score. Perfect performances. Perfect cookies. Perfect tan. … Continue reading Practice makes… {#wholemama}

Practicing at Marriage {life intentionally}

(read the introduction to this series here) It seems as if one of the easiest things to slack off on is my marriage. At least my kids will scream if I'm not doing an adequate job...but the state of my marriage is a silent thing until those moments when obvious issues crop up (i.e we … Continue reading Practicing at Marriage {life intentionally}