Prayer: My Broken, His Whole {#wholemama} 

Prayer might be the one thing I want to write about less than I wanted to write about my mess last week, for some reason.  I don't live up to my own expectations. I would love to be able to sit down and read the bible, and then journal and then pray.  All in one … Continue reading Prayer: My Broken, His Whole {#wholemama} 

William Cameron Townsend {21/31 Niches}

(1896-1982) (source) "The task of getting the Gospel in an adequate way to every ethnic person is tremedous. There is but one solution. I'm sure that it isn't man, money, surveys, not talk. They all have their place, but if the basis of all of it isn't fervent, believing prayer, they are in vain. And … Continue reading William Cameron Townsend {21/31 Niches}

A necessary pause.

I've come to a place where I need a little space. Space to breathe. Space to think. Space to write through things before I post them. Or don't post them. I need that option. I feel like God is asking me to step down for a month. To step down and step back while I … Continue reading A necessary pause.

4: ask for wisdom

As soon as I sat down and began to brainstorm the first things I realized is that I need to look to God in how I parent just a little more and look to the world less. My vision of how the world disciplines their children was not doing anything for me or him. A … Continue reading 4: ask for wisdom

My life being saved, the little things

Today I'm linking up with Sarah Bessey answering the question: what is saving your life right now. Feel free to join and share your moment of life saved with us all as well :) ------------ Today. Right now. I've got to say it's the little things that fill me over and help peace seep through … Continue reading My life being saved, the little things