Something we choose {#wholemama}

Happy September, All!  My younger one turns two next week. I can't believe it. My older one will be three and a half on the same day and our baby is due five days after that. Five days before our 4.5 year mark in our marriage.  This might tell you something about what my 'purpose' … Continue reading Something we choose {#wholemama}

This time around.

(Last week at 30 weeks!) Pregnancy this time around has been a bit different. During the first trimester I was a little more nauseous (but still hardly nauseous at all compared to some people). I think it had more to do with being less able to control how much rest I got because of the … Continue reading This time around.

Summer Maternity Style: Dress Review

Summer dressing is very much different when you're pregnant. Last pregnancy, all of my obviously pregnant months were during the cold winter. It was fine and dandy. I just never wore a coat (well, maybe a couple times when it snowed!). I rocked the layered look with sweaters, scarves, skirts and leggings. It wasn't horribly … Continue reading Summer Maternity Style: Dress Review