In my attempts to stay active in college and thanks to my own natural active tendencies, I have almost completely avoided the use of elevators in my college career.  I'd take the elevator if I needed to go to a floor above the 4th, but hardly ever at any other time. And in a city … Continue reading Elevator


Oh my little wiggly child, i can't wait to hold you in my arms. To share your tiny warmth with loved ones and your daddy. I can't wait til it can be just us, three together and seen, looking with love on faces known and loved. I can't wait  for you to be a visible … Continue reading Wiggle

The to-dos and the dones

I'm guessing that most expectant moms go through a stage of doing things, tons of things, in preparation for their little ones. I've heard it called nesting. Mine consists of organizing spaces, decorating walls, taking pictures of what I need to do and have done, and doing things I may or may not have time … Continue reading The to-dos and the dones