Turkey Day 5K – The PR that wasn’t…or was?

I was so excited to win an entry to this race from my local chapter of Moms Run This Town. I probably would not have run it except for that. It was so fun. That's right. That says "Jog Your Giblets Off". Mhmm. (Don't ask me how the numbers came out backwards and the words … Continue reading Turkey Day 5K – The PR that wasn’t…or was?

It’s Race T-shirt Monday! :)

It is now time for another race recap - The Women's Fitness Celebration. I had a lot of fun. There was a huge crowd. It was a good atmosphere and my fan-section was topnotch :) As you can probably see from the pictures. The one at the top of the post was taken after the … Continue reading It’s Race T-shirt Monday! :)

The race. The run.

I race to run. I run to race. Something about racing just inspires you to run more. To do better. To train harder and to be faster. It's strange. Yesterday I ran my first race in two years (and my third ever race). The annual Harvest Classic in my hometown! Last year I watched my … Continue reading The race. The run.