Be {#wholemama}

Hey all, the WholeMama linkup is continuing right here. Today we're writing on the word 'be'. Link up with us at the bottom of this post! This urge to just be flies by and at odds with my own common sense and lists of do and must and should.  Be. It's like an invitation to … Continue reading Be {#wholemama}

While the children sleep.

While the children sleep I have many things I could do...should do..would do.. might do. There is always a list. A long one. Easily made longer. But sometimes the list gets scrapped and I sit on the couch. Drink a mug of hot chocolate. Eat some more chocolate on top of that. And just enjoy … Continue reading While the children sleep.

even while we rest.

A few nights ago I was sitting between my sleeping babies, awake. Israel was gone. I had nothing to do but go to sleep. And I was tired. So that's what I did. But before I went to bed I had to get past my urge to write. Usually, when my babies are asleep and … Continue reading even while we rest.

A necessary pause.

I've come to a place where I need a little space. Space to breathe. Space to think. Space to write through things before I post them. Or don't post them. I need that option. I feel like God is asking me to step down for a month. To step down and step back while I … Continue reading A necessary pause.