At the coast and otherwise {QuickLit – May}

Ideal, yes? Somehow I always imagine reading on the beach to be a great idea and I always have great plans to read on the sand when we go there. Between wind and rain and children quite willing to douse themselves (irrespective of their swimmings skills) in the chilly waves, it doesn't really work in … Continue reading At the coast and otherwise {QuickLit – May}

Forced to quit my reading streak {Quick Lit -January}

I finished a book a day the first 10 days of January it was so much fun and all I did was read. It perfectly coincided with the kids' well-timed post christmas season illness so we didn't even have to go anywhere expect to buy tissues and cough syrup. But than I got to day … Continue reading Forced to quit my reading streak {Quick Lit -January}

December Reads {QuickLit}

I spent most of December madly crocheting stuffed animals and then recovering from said madness. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. I had a numb spot on my thumb for weeks from crocheting with such intensity. But the animals turned out adorable and all the children who received one were immediately in love. So it was … Continue reading December Reads {QuickLit}