Listen to the Undercurrents {how to begin}

One of my favorite things is to write up a plans or schedules when I’m excited about some new goal or life change. I have been making charts, calendars, schedules and lists since I was a middle schooler (or sooner?). As a homeschooled kid I had the freedom to work through my math textbooks at … Continue reading Listen to the Undercurrents {how to begin}

A day in the life: typical sunday

Every couple of months I like to slow my day down just a little to notice what we do and when. It will be fun to compare the different rhythms of each day throughout the years. I did a sunday this month. Last sunday, specifically. ~~~~~ Today we started bright and early. At least Ali … Continue reading A day in the life: typical sunday

21: schedule

I think this part of my challenge is going to take the most work for me. It is hard to commit to a schedule-ish thing when I have been used to just winging it and doing whatever I want whenever for the last few years (ok, mostly just while I was in college). I think … Continue reading 21: schedule