Listen to the Undercurrents {how to begin}

One of my favorite things is to write up a plans or schedules when I’m excited about some new goal or life change. I have been making charts, calendars, schedules and lists since I was a middle schooler (or sooner?). As a homeschooled kid I had the freedom to work through my math textbooks at … Continue reading Listen to the Undercurrents {how to begin}

A day in the life: typical sunday

Every couple of months I like to slow my day down just a little to notice what we do and when. It will be fun to compare the different rhythms of each day throughout the years. I did a sunday this month. Last sunday, specifically. ~~~~~ Today we started bright and early. At least Ali … Continue reading A day in the life: typical sunday

21: schedule

I think this part of my challenge is going to take the most work for me. It is hard to commit to a schedule-ish thing when I have been used to just winging it and doing whatever I want whenever for the last few years (ok, mostly just while I was in college). I think … Continue reading 21: schedule

19: know yourself.

Step one: know yourself. Step two: set yourself up to have your best day. First known: I am a morning person. I keep reading about people who have morning routines to help them start the day off right. They drink coffee, eat food, read books, write, exercise and any variety of things that makes them … Continue reading 19: know yourself.

A day in my life: Newborn Edition.

Life with two is fun. So far we're still in adjustment and recovery mode. A lot of helps are in place and extra people are being so kind as to share their time with us as I recuperate from birth. I seem to be recovering a lot more quickly than last time. It is a … Continue reading A day in my life: Newborn Edition.

The schedule

When I was younger I always had a schedule or plan. As a junior high and high school student, I would always figure out how to work ahead so as to finish the semester as soon as possible (one of the perks of being taught at home...). I enjoyed the challenge of doing a little … Continue reading The schedule

A first and an account of last tuesday!

Today is a first! I wrote a guest post! Yes fun. I know. I'm at my mom's blog, Owlhaven, today sharing about last tuesday My sister and I are planning on sharing a post at my mom's blog now and again. Today it was my turn and I'd love for you to join me for: … Continue reading A first and an account of last tuesday!


I've found life functions best in seasons. The anticipation of the next good thing coming gets me through the mundane today. I love knowing that change is just around the corner. I think that's part of why I loved school so much. There was always that steady cycle of challenges and rest. The start of … Continue reading Seasons