What’s Your Pace? {Five Minute Friday}

"Pick up the pace." (I think you should go faster.) "Pace yourself." (I think you need to slow down so you don't run out of energy.) "Go your own pace." (I think you know how fast you should go.) In one moment or another, all of these admonishments might apply to me. I might initially … Continue reading What’s Your Pace? {Five Minute Friday}

Run the Mile You’re In by Ryan Hall {review}

"I'm not saying that the big decisions shouldn't be carefully considered, but I've learned that we also shouldn't dismiss the small ones because these decisions can subtly change the trajectory of our lives."Ryan Hall, Run the Mile You're In - page 15 Run the Mile You're In: Finding God in Every Step by Ryan Hall … Continue reading Run the Mile You’re In by Ryan Hall {review}

What I’m Into – July 2018

July came and went in a blur of bikes, running, hiking, swimming, VBS, taking too many selfies trying to update a profile picture, and all the things the kids could possibly make out of a little glue, reams of paper, everything out of the recycling bin, and five trays of watercolors. It's amazing how much … Continue reading What I’m Into – July 2018

Thirteen – together and alone {Five Minute Friday}

There's something about 13.1 that feels doable. The distance is set and measured. The starting line is here. The finish is there. Each step takes me a measurable distance closer to the finish line that is as close as possible to exactly 13.1 miles away. It's a race. Mostly it's just against myself since I'm … Continue reading Thirteen – together and alone {Five Minute Friday}

What I’m Into – June 2018

Welcome to July! I'm not quite sure I agree with life going quite this fast. Maybe that's why some people count by seasons instead of months. The rapid pace of this month just seems greedy.   We made it through June with the last part of a trip to the coast with family, five mornings … Continue reading What I’m Into – June 2018

What if? 

  Do you wonder if you could do something? Maybe you should try it. Could you run marathon? Write a book? Bake baklava? Try parkour? Plant a garden? I say no a lot: It's not the right time, I'm busy, It's not for me. With three little kids chatting my ears off and needing all the … Continue reading What if? 

Eric Liddell and John Piper {11/31 Niches}

"When I run I feel His pleasure." -Eric Liddell's Character in Chariots of Fire. (Though, as I found out today, not actually a quote from the real Eric Liddell) I had running on the brain today, since tomorrow I'm running my first half marathon. So as I wandered through various people that I wasn't prepared … Continue reading Eric Liddell and John Piper {11/31 Niches}

Run more!

Running has been going alright. I have more days than I'd like where O just don't want to, but usually if I make myself go I'm glad I did. And if I don't fall into a groove within ten or twenty minutes or my legs are just dead, I let myself take it easy and … Continue reading Run more!