Thirteen – together and alone {Five Minute Friday}

There's something about 13.1 that feels doable. The distance is set and measured. The starting line is here. The finish is there. Each step takes me a measurable distance closer to the finish line that is as close as possible to exactly 13.1 miles away. It's a race. Mostly it's just against myself since I'm … Continue reading Thirteen – together and alone {Five Minute Friday}

What if? 

  Do you wonder if you could do something? Maybe you should try it. Could you run marathon? Write a book? Bake baklava? Try parkour? Plant a garden? I say no a lot: It's not the right time, I'm busy, It's not for me. With three little kids chatting my ears off and needing all the … Continue reading What if? 

Eric Liddell and John Piper {11/31 Niches}

"When I run I feel His pleasure." -Eric Liddell's Character in Chariots of Fire. (Though, as I found out today, not actually a quote from the real Eric Liddell) I had running on the brain today, since tomorrow I'm running my first half marathon. So as I wandered through various people that I wasn't prepared … Continue reading Eric Liddell and John Piper {11/31 Niches}