Modifying Plans

Often things happen that are a little bit out of our control and mess up our plans. But you just have to keep moving forward. We can choose the next thing to do, but really have limited say in it actually working out. I planned to run a half marathon on May 18th. But it … Continue reading Modifying Plans

On comparison, kindness, and promises :::ideas worth sharing:::

Here's a collection of posts from others to end this lovely month. I always read so much worth sharing it's hard to narrow it down sometimes. Enjoy! ---promises--- My friend Hannah reminds us of the hope in the season: Gray days don’t stick around forever. Spring will come again. These buds, the first sign of … Continue reading On comparison, kindness, and promises :::ideas worth sharing:::


I've found life functions best in seasons. The anticipation of the next good thing coming gets me through the mundane today. I love knowing that change is just around the corner. I think that's part of why I loved school so much. There was always that steady cycle of challenges and rest. The start of … Continue reading Seasons