Listen to the Undercurrents {how to begin}

One of my favorite things is to write up a plans or schedules when I’m excited about some new goal or life change. I have been making charts, calendars, schedules and lists since I was a middle schooler (or sooner?). As a homeschooled kid I had the freedom to work through my math textbooks at … Continue reading Listen to the Undercurrents {how to begin}

Three Books for Life Reorganizing – Spiritual Rhythms, Better than Before, and Simplify

It's been a month or two of changing things up.  For me, at least.  And therefore my kidlets.  And somehow my house has benefitted from all the changes as well. Even though I've been writing more, scheduling more, playing more, reading still, and cleaning less. Somehow.  But there it is.  Three books have really helped … Continue reading Three Books for Life Reorganizing – Spiritual Rhythms, Better than Before, and Simplify

Randomness {cookies, earlier mornings, and winning}

That day: - you make cookies with your two year old, but then accidentally on purpose end up eating cookies for dinner (you, not the child!). - you get an email saying a post of yours will be Freshly Pressed sometime in the next week, but you force yourself to keep blogging as usual anyway. … Continue reading Randomness {cookies, earlier mornings, and winning}

21: schedule

I think this part of my challenge is going to take the most work for me. It is hard to commit to a schedule-ish thing when I have been used to just winging it and doing whatever I want whenever for the last few years (ok, mostly just while I was in college). I think … Continue reading 21: schedule

The schedule

When I was younger I always had a schedule or plan. As a junior high and high school student, I would always figure out how to work ahead so as to finish the semester as soon as possible (one of the perks of being taught at home...). I enjoyed the challenge of doing a little … Continue reading The schedule