A Balance of Needs {Whole Together Family 11/31}

Every now and then in the past year or two I have found myself online, haphazardly browsing preschool or school school website. I look at the places I've heard of that teach something admirable or in a way that I agree with. Faith based preschools, Spanish immersion preschools, Montessori schools, classes, day camps, and various … Continue reading A Balance of Needs {Whole Together Family 11/31}


I've found life functions best in seasons. The anticipation of the next good thing coming gets me through the mundane today. I love knowing that change is just around the corner. I think that's part of why I loved school so much. There was always that steady cycle of challenges and rest. The start of … Continue reading Seasons

Only 17!

Only 17 more school days! I need to: Write a 3 page paper on Alterity in Gilgamesh Build an 8 page paper off the three page paper. Collaborate to write a 10 page paper on phonology in Maay Maay Write a 10 page paper on phonemes in Amharic ( outline, first draft, final draft) Write … Continue reading Only 17!