New Enough {The Kind Side}

Don't let the fact that it's not New Year's (or the 1st of the month or monday or your birthday, for that matter!) stop you from starting. You can begin to change your life any day you like. Any day can be your new enough day for a new enough year. Jump in with your … Continue reading New Enough {The Kind Side}

Don’t sit it out {The Kind Side}

There's not a "right way." I know it's not earth-shattering, but sometimes you just need to say it. Sometimes wanting to know you're doing it right is stopping you from trying in the first place. Say the words and free yourself up from researching, wondering, and stalling because you're not convinced you've got things right … Continue reading Don’t sit it out {The Kind Side}

Feeling frustrated and annoyed? {Notes from the Kind Side}

Yesterday I realized I often feel critical of myself when I feel annoyed or upset with situations in my life. I can be looking around finding all the things that need doing or haven't been done feeling frustrated with the situation, but then it can easily devolve into feeling frustrated with how I feel about … Continue reading Feeling frustrated and annoyed? {Notes from the Kind Side}