Go for it. {The Kind Side}

It's ok to slow down and it is ok to speed up with all the creative things you're doing. You don't have to meet anyone else's expectations or even your own. Sometimes life requires more, sometimes it allows for more, sometimes it just is more and you need a break. Revel in your own life. … Continue reading Go for it. {The Kind Side}

You don’t have to keep up {Notes from the Kind Side}

I always want to jump in with all the plans: Write 31 days? I'm in! NaNoWrimo? If I had any sort of idea for a novel and maybe a touch more time you can bet I'd try it. The 100 Day Project? Yes, of course! This project started as my 100 day project last summer. … Continue reading You don’t have to keep up {Notes from the Kind Side}

It is fine. {The Kind Side}

It is fine. Not 'it will be fine' or 'it's all going to work out'. True too, but it is fine. Right now , in this messy middle where we so often don't know what's going on or if we're going to be happy when we find out where something ends. Even when it feels ridiculous … Continue reading It is fine. {The Kind Side}