Plan // Five Minute Friday

saturday was a day to make plansUntil it wasn'tA day for a partyUntil the dawnA day for laughing and cake and balloonsUntil the feverAnd it became a day for rest. A day for texts that read 'get better soon' and oh darns about the party. But that's how days go sometimesYou can't help what happensEven if you … Continue reading Plan // Five Minute Friday

A Day in My Life – mildly sick kid edition.

I thought this might be fun to continue every couple of months...especially once the next little one comes :) So here's yesterday! Before sane hours: 3:30AM - up with a nasty diaper (drat this illness!). Change dipe. Give water. Bounce to sleep. Attempt a set down. Fail. Baby asks for dad. Repeat sleeping attempt and … Continue reading A Day in My Life – mildly sick kid edition.